The Purpose of Nude Yoga Life:
*To assist men and women in finding nude yoga classes globally. Click on Nude Yoga Directory Tab to find a class in the city you are living in or plan to travel to. It is recommended that you open the website or contact location of class for any recent changes to class schedule.

*Provide live Nude Yoga and Tantra Classes to the Tampa Bay Community.

*Provide video content on Nude Yoga, Tantra, Conscious Kink, Sex Positivity, Erotic Massage, and Meditation for healing body, mind, and spirit.  Click on the Nude Yoga Videos Tab to preview link to access content or click here. Onlyfans.com/nudeyogalife

*Provide yogic inspiration, wisdom, and thought provoking questions about living a peaceful yet ecstatic life through Justin’s Blog Tab.

*Share your Nude yoga story with your nakedness that conveys your story to possibly inspire others to live more wholeheartedly from spirit. The Your Nude Yoga Tab will link you to directions and policy for uploading your story.


Core Values and Mission:
Nude Yoga Life is the new source for sharing great ideas about nude yoga, sex positivity, consensual touch, living an organic naturist lifestyle, and living a life filled with the characteristics of Compassion, Creativity, Integrity, and Conscious Awareness.


Why Nude Yoga:
Yoga is about observing your current state of being, showing up exactly as you are; distressed or content, fearful or confident, energized or exhausted and then embracing your personal journey. The central theme in Nude Yoga is self-acceptance. When we remove our clothes, we release the ties that bind us. As conditioned human beings, we tend to label and identify ourselves and others based on body structure, roles in life, salary, preferences in sexuality, as well as our personal strengths and weaknesses. Despite your spirit longing for unity and connection, the ego is developed from the desire to stand out. The ego compares yourself to other people and even compares your present experience to past experiences ultimately leading to a state of suffering. Practicing nude yoga, whether by yourself or in a group allows us to observe the ego and then practice safely letting go of judgements. Vulnerability is a healing tool that becomes essential in allowing us to tap into compassion, acceptance and our own creativity. We all have a choice to live our life without criticism and without fear. When we are nude it is easier to sense our raw physical , emotional and energetic states. By understanding and connecting with who we truly are, your spirit becomes a magnet for love and liberation.

Why Tantra:

The practice of Tantra is spreading rapidly across North America and there are some misleading representations equating Tantra with sex.  One interpretation we accept is that Tantra is not about sex but rather the use of touch as a path to meditation, relaxation and extended pleasure. We believe society, at large, has lost almost all understanding of the joys and importance of physical touch. As babies, the first primal way we find comfort is through skin-on-skin contact with our mothers. We learn that caressing and touch provide comfort and regulation of the nervous system back to a place where we can feel safe, grounded, and connected to our truth. This allows for identifying our needs and desires and to clearly articulate them in a consensual manner.

 Tantra teaches us how to enjoy both receiving — and giving — touch as a means to elevating our erotic energies and locating deeper levels of pleasure, leading to a more satisfying sex life.

We believe all men — and especially men who identify as curious, bisexual or gay — have an instinctual need for bonding with other men.
Our members-only Meetups provide a safe, comfortable and educational experience for interested men to explore the pleasures to be achieved through man-on-man sensual touch.
Our guided, two-hour gatherings also allow the opportunity for participants to interact and bond with a number of different men — thereby exploring the power of touch fully.
Our group’s core belief is that neither an erection nor ejaculation is necessary for a man to achieve and enjoy exhilarating erotic pleasure. This is sensual, not sexual.
Further, we believe and teach that there are many techniques to stimulate erotic energy that many men haven’t yet learned how to master, including the use of our breath, tongue, lips, fingers, elbows, toes…
We teach members how to explore their body, and their partner’s body consensually, to find previously unknown pleasure zones. Join us for a workshop to discover the power of Tantra for yourself!

To sign up for Tampa Tantra Meet up Group. Click this linkwww.meetup.com/tampa-tantra-for-men/