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Nude Yoga Life (NYL) is looking for Yoga Teachers, Artist, Yoga Students, Naturist, Creative Writers, Spiritualist, and Lovers of Life to share insight on material that matters to you and that represent our Core Values and Mission.

Core Values and Mission
Nude Yoga Life is the new source for sharing great ideas about nude yoga, living an organic naturist lifestyle, and living a life filled with the characteristics of Compassion, Creativity, Integrity, and Conscious Awareness.

Uploading Original Content and Parameters
Nude Yoga Life is looking for original, detailed, appropriate content that builds on the ideas of what our website stands for as mentioned above.

  1. All work is to be original. Writers for Nude Yoga Life are requested not to use other writer’s blog material or past blog material of their own.
  2. However, you can link your website and your own blog to your written material that will be posted on NYL BLOG. All linked material needs to be in bold and underlined in your submission in order for material to be linked successfully.
  3. All content must be at least 1000 words and no more than 2000 words.
  4. Only submit pictures that are relevant to blog material. This includes picture of you, logo and or scenery. Do not submit pictures of people other than yourself or taken by other people. NYL follows all copyrighted laws. NYL Administrator may add relevant photo to your blog submission from paid stock images. Uploading submitted pictures are at the discretion of the Administrator based on above rules to be in adherence with Copy Right Laws.
  5. Post are not accepted with spelling or grammar errors.
  6. All post are required to have appropriate title.
  7. Do not link spammy websites or content.
  8. Check comments from public and reply respectfully.

Ownership of Content
All writers will have their name/ face picture attached to their blog submission. All writers for NYL understand that once blog submission is submitted, NYL has ownership of the content. Ownership of content means NYL can edit or delete any portion of submission (text and picture) that does not represent NYL’s core values and mission.

Uploading Content
Please submit content by filling out all fields in provided form.