Brad Peterborough , NH / St Pete , FL.

Been a nudist ever since i built my log cabin on 10 acres in the woods of New Hampshire 20 years ago. What can be more spiritually enlightening than communing with nature the way we were intended to?! There is nothing like walking thru the deep woods , with the wind carressing every part of your body , surrounded by nothing but trees , plants , myriad life forms and the smell and sounds of pure nature. No man made interference. And experiencing the sensations of walking barefoot and sitting on a rock naked or a stump or a bed of pine needles….  So many diverse feeelings that most people never experience!

For me , walking au naturel in the woods brings me total peace and calm.  If i am upset about some little thing , the woods absorbs that negative energy and replaces it with joy and contentness.

Then i discovered nude yoga 6 years ago , and found i could capture that same positive energy inside a manmade structure. (although outdoor nude yoga is the ultimate!) I get the same unique sensations but now it’s coupled with the spiritual guidance that a good yoga instructor brings to a class.  Guiding our minds and souls along with the physical yoga moves really makes a huge impact on me and my thoughts/moods/feelings and general outlook on life! And sharing that with a room full of like minded nude men is something that can’t be found anywhere else! I have never attended a nude yoga class yet where i didn’t feel more relaxed , happy and at peace than when i arrived. Nude yoga has honestly changed my life , and it’s something i will continue to do for the rest of my life!