Steve St Louis

I love being naked in nature, particularly in the warm waters of the Caribbean.  I wrote a poem about my experience of making love with the ocean as the warm waves washed over me.  Hmmmmmmm.


Alone on the Beach


It’s always

Down that path

Way to right, or left

At the edge of the “Family” beach


Then climb over the rocks

Or find your way through the brush

To the clothing optional

Gay and Lesbian stretch of beach


I can’t find the path

It‘s easier just to wade the shallows

All the way around




White sand beach

Blue green water

A father and son snorkeling

With suits on


A guy with nice shoulders


With a suit on


Two empty kayaks

Two couples in the water

With suits on


I’ll wait


I stretch out on my blanket

With my suit on


Soon I’m alone

Without my suit on


Soft waves

Heavenly breeze

Laying in the shadow of scrub bush


To the water

Colder than I remember

Stay in

Swim a bit


Now sprawled on my back

Water’s edge


Propped up on elbows

Waves dredging under them


Each wave rolls up my thighs

Lifts my cock and balls

Kisses my ass

There’s a rhythm



Energy and connection

Cock starts to swell

Fingers dancing on nipples

Waves of erotic energy erupting


I throw my head back into the water

More, more, more with each wave

Mother earth and I




She lifts me

Pushes into my sex

Washes over me

Murmuring breeze in my ear

Warm sun on my chest

Water caresses me

Sand slipping out under my ass


Cock is hard now

Laying on my belly

Rush after erotic rush

Wave after wave




Come to me

Come to me


Roll over

Legs wide

Waves pushing up to my ass

Sand rushes by my cock


Smooth rocks in my hands

Turning them over and over

Firm hard smooth rocks

Rough sand

Cool loving water

Hot sun on my back



Now back on my blanket

Writing with my knees up

A drop of precum


On the tip of my cock

Tastes good