Video Trailers

Compilation of Naked Yoga Offerings Trailer

Justin Rockett takes you on a sacred journey through this intimate collection of
Nude Yoga Videos.Yoga is about observing your current state of being, showing
up exactly as you are; distressed or content, fearful or confident, energized or
exhausted and then embracing your personal journey. The central theme in Nude
Yoga is self-acceptance. These videos can be watched at your own leisure, explored
at your own pace, and you can participate in the privacy of your own home.


Intimate Partnering Yoga Practice Trailer

Duration Full Video: 25:13


This beautiful practice allows you to connect with the principles of giving and
receiving. Follow the flow of your partner’s breath as you support one another
physically, mentally, and emotionally. This heart felt practice will allow you to
dive deeper into your practice and perhaps gain a new sense of gratitude for the
principles of trust and vulnerability.

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Intermediate Hip Opener Sequence Trailer

Duration Full Video:  26:52


Gain peace and clarity as this vinyasa practice unravels tension through use of
pranayama, self touch, and releasing tightness in the hips. Witness the creative
dance between the body and breath as you find your natural flow in this harmonizing

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Intermediate Inversion Flow Trailer

Duration Full Video: 43:04


Learn to look at the world from a different perspective as we explore creative
transitions working into peak poses of tripod headstand and forearm stand. This
playful energizing vinyasa practice will challenge your concentration and physical
strength resulting in feelings of bliss and balance.

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Self Nurturing Ritual Practice Trailer

Duration Full Video:  55:13


When we take the time to nourish ourselves, our life force becomes strengthened
and our health is optimized. This video takes you through 5 self nurturing tools that
you can start incorporating into your daily routine. Self nurturing is a precondition for
the experience and expression of heartfelt or authentic love. We can not truly love others
if we do not fist love and care for ourselves.

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