Finding A Kula

18-07-2015 by admin

Finding A Kula



English Language– In some Pacific communities, an interisland system of ceremonial gift exchange as a prelude to or at the same time as regular trading.

Sanskrit- Tribe or Community

To many, the word Kula sounds like a foreign language or a place on your sacred body that you used to keep covered before you entered the naked yoga world. I first came across the word in my yoga teacher training class. As I sat in a circle with a mixture of personalities, I soon realized these brother’s and sister’s were my new kula that would hold space and share personal, heartfelt stories with me that would allow me to move beyond a state of feeling isolated and alone.

Community can exist with having a commonality. Despite all of our differences, one innate need we all have is to be loved, accepted for who we are, and to love and share. Here are some ideas for creating your Yoga Kula;

  1. Start to interact with the people that show up in yoga class. If this is challenging for you, start with a simple introduction before class starts to the person your mat is bumped up against. There is a possibility that their arm or leg just might touch or land on you in a crowded class or when falling out of a headstand. So you might as well know their name. Once you start showing up regularly to class, you will often notice the same people showing up. Now it only becomes easier to engage before and after class.
  2. Start to participate in more offerings in your community of workshops, retreats, and browse meet up groups that interest you (in particular naked ones). If you landed yourself on this page, you have a communality with many naked yogis. You like to be naked, you like to have fun, you like to connect with energy, and you are willing to do your life work. Find activities that interest you and I guarantee the other participants involved will have similar life interest and maybe even similar core values as you.
  3. How long have you been a follower in your life? Maybe it is time to create your own community. Ask a few regular yogis you are now conversing with in class for brunch, movie night at your house, or whatever tickles your pickle!
Your kula is waiting for you! Find it, Make it, Enjoy it. Namaste Naked Yogis
Finding A Kula